"Bonsecours Market" "Guajira" "Focus" "Sulita" Lifedrawing Lifedrawing   Celina Rose

"Bonsecours Market"
Watercolour Sketch.

Pen and ink with watercolour of building in Rue Saint-Paul, a historic street of Old Montréal

Digital Sketch.

Self portrait, flamenco fan dance.

Watercolour Sketch.

Staedtler watercolour pens.

Watercolour Sketch.

Portrait of friend from my photograph. Staedtler watercolour pens with watercolor.

"Gesture Sketches"

30 second gesture sketches.


20 min sketch. Dr. Sketchy's Vancouver "Camilla d'Errico's Characters" theme.


Sketch of flamenco dancer.


Still life sketch of fabric rose.

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